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$2200 Scion FRS Rebuild - Parts & Products

Updated: May 30, 2022

This car was purchased from Copart (a salvage auto auction) for the price of $2200. This was my first video to go viral and by popular request here is the complete list of all parts in the build.

Please note; This section contains affiliate links meaning we may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support on our channel.

Front Lip (Ikon Motorsports CS Style Black Front Bumper Lip)

Check it out on Amazon -

One of the first mods I did to the FRS was install a front lip. A front lip offers reduced drag by directing airflow, it also provides protection to your front bumper cover. The top reason it was on my mods list is it gives the appearance of the car being lowered without actually lowering the car which maintains oem Toyota ride quality.

Side Skirts (Ikon Motorsports CS Style Side Skirts)

Check it out on Amazon -

The next mod on my list was side skirts to support the front lip in both aesthetics and performance. Side skirts help reduce pressure build up on the side of the car, they can also increase downforce which can increase traction at higher speeds. Also the side skirts complete the look of a lowered car when being used with a matching front lip.

Side Rear Window Louvers (Carridar Matte Racing Style Rear Side Window Vent Louvers)

Check it out on Amazon -

What can I say, I bought rear side window purely for looks and I have to say they were not a disappointment as they were very affordable, good quality and look great. These actually changed the side profile of the frs in 10 minutes and as a bonus they offer additonal shade in the cockpit

Roof Wrap (VViViD Black High Gloss Vinyl Wrap XPO)

Check it out on Amazon -

With the car looking mostly oem dark grey I usually like to break up the 1 color to usually about 3 colors, the black roof wrap would match the wheels that came on the car to bring a consistency with the modifications instead of them looking like they were just thrown on the vehicle.

Tail Light Wrap (VViViD Headlight Taillight Vinyl Wet Tint Wrap Red)

Check it out on Amazon -

I have never really been a fan of the factory FRS tail lights as I think they look dated and lower quality. I do like aftermarket tail lights but since this is a budget build I couldn't spend the coin on a set of Valenti tail lights. This made the tail light wrap the perfect fit to my application, I was able to change the look of my tail lights for very little money and time. It is worth noting this wrap is a little different than standard vinyl wrap and needs to be installed with a little more patience and care.

Red Vinyl Wrap Strips for the bottom of the car (3M 1080 Gloss Hot Rod Red Vinyl Wrap)

Check it out on Amazon -

By far my most requested Mod! I got so many comments requesting what the red was at the bottom of the car. Well it was red vinyl wrap that I cut into strips. By this point the car was black and grey but in my opinion did not stand out. Amazingly enough this mod was super affordable and really made the car stand out and also increased the appearance of the car being lowered.

Headlight Halo Kit (Qasim 2 Pcs White 80MM Car Angel Eyes Halo Rings)

Check it out on Amazon -

With the frs being a budget build it wasn't in the cards for a new set of headlights so I had to get creative. One of the details I see on a lot of newer cars is Halos, which is the lighted ring around the projector in the headlight. I was able to find a affordable set that had the proper diameter also providing the look I was going for.

Headlight Demon Eye Kit (iJDMTOY Red High Power LED Demon Eye Halo Ring Kit)

Check it out on Amazon -

With Halos being so common on headlights I had to find another way to customize my headlights further but still keeping a low cost. Demon eyes fit the bill as they are a colored led that backlights the projector to give a custom look. I just installed these and ran the wiring at the same time when installing the halos.

Headlight Internal Black Paint (Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint Satin Black)

Check it out on Amazon -

The stock frs headlights are way to chrome for my taste and need a little love to match the aggressive nature of the body of the frs. Black is my favorite color and with a can of this paint it completely transformed the looks of the headlights and the front of the car with a little work and the price of a can of paint.

Tire Lettering Pen (Tire Ink Paint Pen for Car Tires White)

Check it out on Amazon -

The wheels and tires on the car were not something I would have picked out but I wasn't about to go out and buy a new wheel and tire package for a $2200 car. I needed a way to to break up the basic look of my wheels for not a lot of money. Since the black matches the rest of the car I couldn't paint the wheels so I decided to paint the lettering on the tires which indeed did add a little more of a sport look and pop.

Plastic Welding Kit (Massca Plastic Welding Kit, Used to repair front bumper)

Check it out on Amazon -

Lets face it body panels are hard to come by and getting expensive, half the time when they come in they are usually damaged. So on this build I decided to repair the front bumper cover to keep the costs down and not have to paint a replacement bumper cover. The plastic welding kit did the job as I was able to repair the crack and give it lasting strength. This kit has come in handy as its nice to repair other plastic items where I normally would have had to throw away.

A/C Recharge Tool Kit (XtremepowerUS A/C Refrigeration Kit w/ Manifold Gauge)

Check it out on Amazon -

When I got the frs the whole front end of the car was torn apart for the insurance inspection and that included the a/c system. I knew a can of 134a from the auto parts store wasn't going to cut it. So I bought a a/c recharge tool, watched a YouTube video and knocked it out of the park. When I was done the a/c was ice cold like a new car.

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